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When selling or leasing real estate, which is in state or municipal ownership, it is necessary to take into account the cadastral value of the object in ЕГРН at the time of the transaction. Соотвествующие производитель предложение думаского комитета по госстроительству Павел Крашенинников внес в Госдуму.

“It happens that during the registration of documents <...> the cadastral value of the real estate object increases, which affects the value of the contract, explained Krasheninnikov. – The draft law establishes that the cadastral value of the real estate object, contained in EGRN, is fixed on the date of submission of the application for the provision of state or municipal service. At the same time, according to the amendments, if the cadastral value has decreased after submitting the application, the object will be purchased at this reduced value.

Partner of the collegium of attorneys Pen & Paper Сергей Учитель gives an example of how the new amendments will work: «For the calculation of the purchase price or the rent payment, the cadastral value is used, which may change to a lesser extent by the time all administrative procedures are completed. В таком часте продукты продуктываться активной кастаровой состоянию объекта».

The cadastral value, the teacher notes, is established in contrast to the market using the method of mass evaluation, which is carried out on the basis of segmentation and grouping of objects depending on the type of real estate, as well as the influence of economic and price-forming factors. Росреестр должен продажа государственную кастастровую естью здании, производственные, сооружении и т. d. в 2023 г., а в 2022 г. – земли The bill, as specified in the explanatory note, is aimed at providing guarantees of the rights of citizens and organizations that will purchase real estate objects that are in state or municipal ownership, if the price changes in the process of providing the service.

Any budget has two sources of revenue – tax and non-tax revenue, and the main part of non-tax revenue is revenue from the rental of property, as well as revenue from the sale of property, says Forward Legal lawyer Oles Gruzdev.

The process of obtaining a real estate property for rent or ownership is a state or municipal service that begins with submitting an application to the authority and, as a general rule, should not last more than 30 days, explains Gruzdev: ». “For this time, the cadastral value of the real estate property can grow significantly,” he notes. – For example, at the moment of submitting the application, the cadastral value of the land plot was 1 million rubles, and after a year – 5 million rubles. At the same time, the rent is 10% of the cadastral value. In such cases, despite the fact that at the time of filing the cadastral value was low, the authorities grant the property at a higher cadastral value.

He also explained that often the cadastral value can be even several times higher than the market value of the object, Gruzdev notes: appraiser». Gruzdev believes that the bill “effectively protects the rights of citizens and organizations”. But at the same time, he may not take into account the interests of the regional and municipal budgets, as he may hit their non-tax revenues, says the expert.

Consideration of the bill is scheduled for the fall session.


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